3th INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE HealthOnline will address the aspects of comprehensive digitisation of health and search for solutions in connecting to health ecosystems. It will be divided into the following topics:


1. social aspects of the digitisation of health:

  • local and national strategies in the field of digital health

  • development and integration of digital health services into health systems

  • quality of life of patients in digital society

  • health as a value in a digital society

  • health challenges in a digital society

  • Health and digital competencies of patients / health professionals


2. patient in digital healthcare:

  • ICT to support a healthy lifestyle (in sports, fitness and wellness)

  • the impact of ICT use on health and well-being in the workplace

  • ICT to support active and healthy ageing

  • self-care and self-diagnosis of diseases with ICT support

  • wearable technology and self-management with health


3. the impact of digitisation on the health care market:

  • the impact of health on the delivery of health services

  • the security of personal data in digital health

  • quality of digital health services

  • digital technology in prevention and health monitoring

  • new forms of health and health-related services

  • new technologies (robotics and automation, block-chain technology, internet of things, big data, sensor networks) in digital health


4. modern forms of education in health:

  • digital technology to support the education of health professionals

  • digital technology to support education of health care users




The registration fee includes access to all events at the conference, certificate of attendance at the conference, breaks in lunch breaks and lunch. Active participants must settle the fee by 5 Sep 2019 at the latest.

For passive participants, registration and payment of the fee is until 10 Sep 2019.



PRICE LIST (listed prices include VAT)

                                                                               FEE (€)

Active participants                                              80,00

Passive participants                                            100,00

Members of alumni club UL (20% discount)   80,00


Pensioners (30% discount)                                 70,00


Students (50% discount)                                     50,00


ZF-UL students (free *)                                         0,00


* Does not include lunch. For lunch, you can pay an extra 7,5 €.





Zdravstvena pot 5

SI-1000 Ljubljana


registration number: 1627155
ID for VAT: SI23997788
IBAN: SI56 0110 0603 0706 246

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